Private PreK and Elementary Education for a Brighter Future

Provide your children with a better and brighter future by enrolling them in Annoor Academy of Bentonville. Our private school in Bentonville, Arkansas, provides a strong private PreK and Elementary education that focuses on faith as well as academics to provide an adequate framework for your child's success. Please consider helping our academy grow by offering your donations or time as well.

A Focus on Developing Strong Morals and Beliefs

At Annoor Academy of Bentonville, we focus on providing all students with a strong education with a basis in spirituality, academics, and community. We work on teaching children the importance of developing strong academics, spirituality, faith and moral characteristics. Although we maintain our focus on spiritual education, we ensure that your children grow into well-rounded, responsible, and caring adults

Academics and Spirituality

With a focus on both academics and traditional spiritual education, our private  prek and elementary school offers a more home-like environment for your children while they learn. This provides a sense of nurturing and a strong foundation of education and spirituality. We are proud of our identity and our mission and we want to make sure our children know their purpose and identity in life. Our staff teaches children in grades prek through Fourth. Enroll your child for the fall 2018 term.

Meet Our Educators

Group photo of the educators



My Passion:

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, which is why I decided to open Annoor Academy 2016. I have two children who are my motivation behind my choice to go into the field of teaching, as well as my love for Allah. Annoor Academy gave me the outlet that I needed not only to do the work of Allah but also help make a difference in the community. 2 years ago, I decided to quit my job at Walmart and focus my full attention on opening a school for children that will allow them to learn spirituality as well as academically. I am currently the director of Annoor Academy; however, I make it a point to be involved in every child’s educational journey because I feel that making a difference in their lives, will help me fulfill my passion for serving Allah and our community.

My Education:

I have completed my bachelor’s in computer science from India. I moved to the U.S in 2006, traveling to many different states. I have been living in Arkansas for the past 2 ½ years. Majority of my career has been in the IT industry working as a project manager. I worked at Walmart Home office for seven months, before transitioning into the field of education.

Ms. Maria Raza


My Passion:

Working with children has always been something that I was passionate about. I came to the U.S in 2000 from Pakistan. My three kids are what got me interested in teaching children. I saw how much their teachers were making a difference in their life, and that is something that I wanted to be able to give a child. Working at Annoor Academy gives me a sense of purpose because I see how much the children are learning, and I take pride in knowing that I was a part of everything that they learned.

My Career:

I have a double bachelor’s in arts & science. I also completed my certification from Petra Allied Health in Springdale Arkansas, in medical billing and coding. I started off working as a medical coder at Mercy Hospital. Then I worked at Kumon learning center as a math instructor. Since 2016, I have been working as the elementary Math and Social studies teacher for Annoor Academy.

Ms. Morgan Dash


My Passion:

I grew up in St. Louis Missouri, but have been living in Arkansas since 2000. Education was something that always spoke to me, even when I was in school. I strongly believe that if a child has a good foundation from the beginning of their educational journey, then they will be successful in life. Working as an elementary teacher and seeing the difference that I can make in the children’s life truly fuels my passion for teaching. In my spare time I enjoy reading, sewing and spending time with my family.

My Education:

I did a double major in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arkansas. I started my career as a freelance writer, while tutoring children in Spanish. Since 2017, I have been working at Annoor Academy as the Language Arts, History and Spanish teacher. I really enjoy working at Annoor.

Ms. Dania


My Passion:

My passion for teaching started at a very young age. Working as a babysitter in my teenage years gave me the opportunity to spend time with children and see what interests them. My background in being a tutor, babysitter, and a learning coach has helped further my interest in working with children and making a difference. I am fluent in Arabic and English. In my free time, I enjoy learning different languages, playing basketball and reading.

My Education:

I am currently attending the University of Arkansas, majoring in Computer Science. I will be focusing on becoming a network security analyst when I graduate. I have been a tutor for many years which is what started my journey in, the field of education. Currently I am the elementary Science teacher at Annoor Academy.



My Passion:

I have been living in Bentonville Arkansas for the past 10 years. I have two daughters who are 14 and 9. My education journey started because of my belief and faith in Allah. I believed that by teaching children spirituality and faith-based lessons I am helping them gain the knowledge that will benefit them throughout their life. My other passions include spending time with my family and working to do gods work.

My Education:

I have a master’s in computer science. I also have a 4-year Talimul Quran Diploma for teaching Tasfeer and Tajweed (Meaning of Quran and rulings around the basic pillars of Islam. I have been an Annoor Academy instructor for 2 years, working as the Islamic studies teacher.